My First Wardrobe Challenge

The Challenge

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’m three days into my first wardrobe challenge, the #FauxFall10x10 challenge. I was asked to be one of seven hosts for the 10 day Instagram challenge from October 1st through 10th. If you’re not familiar with a 10x10 challenge it’s pretty self-exclamatory; you choose 10 items of clothing to mix and match over 10 days, excluding shoes and outerwear (if you want), loungewear and activewear. It’s sort of like a mini capsule wardrobe and it’s ideal for transitional periods (like the one we’re currently having in Southern California) or even traveling. It’s also just a great way to shake things up style-wise by trying out items in your closet that don’t wear as much and challenging yourself to make some fresh fits.

I’m also massively into the PAQ TV YouTube channel right now so I love the idea of a style challenge. Click that link, you won’t regret it.

The Pieces

For my Faux Fall 10x10 I decided to put my capsule wardrobe shopping strategy to the test and see just how mix-and-matchable my wardrobe really is. I also wanted to stick with a color palette that is distinctly autumnal, because while it might be 75 degrees and sunny outside, I’m ready to lean into that fall aesthetic.

  1. Thrifted Black Tank Top: This is a piece I’ve had in my wardrobe for ages and it was originally a thrifted piece from my friend’s closet in college. I like how the print mimics that of the dress and it pairs well with all pant options.

  2. White Uniqlo Tee: This is a piece that I couldn’t go 10 days without wearing. It will be a good backup piece for a more chill styling day and just an all around solid staple piece to include.

  3. Brown Uniqlo Knit Top: This is one of my favorite pieces to wear year-round because the AC is always blasting at work so I need a thin layer to keep warm. I also love wearing this warm brown color, so timeless and yet a little more unexpected than a typical black or white sweater.

  4. Burnt Orange & Other Stories Blouse: One of my most autumnal pieces, I love the burnt orange color and the romantic peasant blouse silhouette. I think the billowy sleeves and cut will look nice tucked into any of the bottoms- well maybe not the black ones unless I’m going for a full Halloween look (which I’m not).

  5. White Uniqlo Blouse: This is the perfect workwear blouse in my opinion. I’ve styled it with the jeans already for a casual approach. I opted for this cut in place of my typical white button down shirt but they really work the same way in my wardrobe.

  6. Old Floral Zara Midi Dress: I love wearing this dress, it’s so flattering and romantic and really cool to wear - a perfect transitional weather piece. It has three-quarter sleeves with beautiful ruffle details and two big slits in the dress. I’m planning to style this with the cardigan or a sweater if it’s a bit cooler outside.

  7. Black Uniqlo Cardigan: This is a piece that I will probably wear the most during this challenge. I love a god layering piece and it comes in handy more often than you’d think - like when I’m sitting in cold office all day. I’m also planning to wear it as a top on a cooler day.

  8. White Everlane Straight Leg Crop Pants: I definitely knew I wanted to include these pants in my 10x10. They are the perfect wardrobe staple all year and provide a really nice alternative to jeans.

  9. Levi’s Wedgie Jeans: These are such an important piece in my wardrobe and the 10x10 would not be complete without a great pair of denim. I like that they give me a more casual option for styling, whereas the other two pants can be dressed up more.

  10. Black Everlane Slim Leg Crop Pants: A new addition to my capsule wardrobe, I knew these would be perfect for a fall 10x10. I’m excited to dress these up for work and rock an all black outfit. I recently did a review of these pants on y YouTube channel, along with 5 ways to style them. Have a watch and let me know what you think.

So there’s my #FauxFall10x10, my first Instagram challenge! I cant wait to share all my outfits after October 10th. I’m curious, are you doing a 10x10 this season? Would you change any items in the lineup? Let me know in the comments. And thanks for reading! xx Jessica